Emily Sullivan - Jan 09, 2024

Pharma trade marks: 2023 EU case law round up

As we enter 2024, we reflect on the lessons we have learned in 2023...

Emily Lythell - Jan 05, 2024

Antibiotic with novel mechanism offers new hope for treating resistant infections

This week saw the publication of a potential new class of antibiotics..

Joseph Newcombe - Dec 19, 2023

New highs for psychedelics in the clinic

Psychedelic compounds have long been experimented with for their..

Jamie Emerick - Nov 15, 2023

EU General Court provides guidance on consumer perception in the pharmaceutical industry

Earlier this year, in March 2023, the European Union’s General Court..

Katherine Green - Nov 13, 2023

Most opposed patents of 2022

As with CRISPR, patents directed to Nobel Prize-winning technologies..

Nick Sutcliffe - Oct 03, 2023

Covid autumn booster vaccine 2023: the switch to mono-valent vaccines

Autumn 2023 sees another round of COVID-19 booster jabs across the UK..

Alice Jefferies - Sep 05, 2023

A leap forward in slowing down Alzheimer’s

This summer has seen a major leap forward in slowing the rate of..

Joseph Newcombe - Sep 05, 2023

Meet The Team: Joseph Newcombe, Associate and Patent Attorney, Sustainable Pharma Commentator

As part of our 'meet the team' series, we talk to Joseph Newcombe..

Rebecca Anderson-Smith - Sep 01, 2023

Building an international Customs strategy for your pharma brand

Counterfeit pharmaceuticals are a global problem and pose a..

Edward Couchman - Aug 01, 2023

US Supreme Court Upholds Tightening of Patent Enablement Standard

In an eagerly awaited judgement, the US Supreme Court has affirmed..

David Brooks - Jul 19, 2023

Mewburn Ellis is proud to work on 18 of the 50 top-selling pharmaceuticals of 2022

Last year we reported the unprecedented growth of the innovative..

Joseph Newcombe - Apr 26, 2023

Joe Newcombe in PharmaTimes — new order

In his regular PharmaTimes feature, sustainability columnist Joe..

Joe McAlary - Mar 28, 2023

Can parallel importers apply registered trade marks to previously unbranded products?

Towards the back end of last year, the Court of Justice of the..

Robert Watson - Mar 02, 2023

Julie Carlisle and Robert Watson in PharmaTimes — everything I own?

Featured in PharmaTimes, Julie Carlisle and Robert Watson dig deep..

Joseph Newcombe - Mar 01, 2023

Joe Newcombe in PharmaTimes — circle of life

In his regular PharmaTimes feature, sustainability columnist Joe..

Nick Sutcliffe - Dec 20, 2022

mRNA cancer vaccine shows efficacy in clinical trial

Moderna and Merck announced in a mid-December 2022 press release that..

Joseph Newcombe - Dec 08, 2022

Joe Newcombe in PharmaTimes — Reality checked

In his regular PharmaTimes feature, sustainability columnist Joe..

Rebecca Anderson-Smith - Dec 02, 2022

Pharma trade marks: 2022 case law round up

As we enter December, and the year draws to a close, many trade mark..

Joe McAlary - Dec 02, 2022

Parallel imports of repackaged pharmaceutical products - clarification from recent CJEU rulings

Recent case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU)..

Joseph Newcombe - Nov 25, 2022

Joe Newcombe in PharmaTimes — We are the robots

In his regular PharmaTimes feature, sustainability columnist Joe..

Jacqueline Murphy - Nov 21, 2022

Pharma Trade Marks: Exhaustion and Parallel Trade in the UK - Special Report 2022

We are excited to announce the release of our latest special report ..

Thomas Wolter - Nov 21, 2022

Plausibility and Inventive Step at the EPO - Watch G2/21 live on Thursday 24 November

On Thursday 24 November 2022, the Enlarged Board of Appeal (EBA) will..

Matthew Barton - Nov 01, 2022

Vets: who’s taking care of the animal caregivers?

Our pets are members of the family, and we would do everything we can..

Fynn McLennan - Oct 17, 2022

Picky and potent: bioorthogonal chemistry in therapy

There exist chemical moieties that are essentially invisible to the..

Joseph Newcombe - Oct 11, 2022

Joe Newcombe in PharmaTimes — biohazard

In his regular PharmaTimes feature, sustainability columnist Joe..

Joseph Newcombe - Aug 01, 2022

Joe Newcombe in PharmaTimes — chemical reaction

In his regular PharmaTimes feature, sustainability columnist Joe..

Katherine Green - Jul 28, 2022

Most opposed patents of 2021

When we reviewed our list of the most opposed European patents of..

Adam Gregory - Jul 22, 2022

Mewburn Ellis is proud to work on 19 of the 50 top-selling pharmaceuticals of 2021

2021 was a year of unprecedented success for the biotech and..

Fynn McLennan - Jul 05, 2022

Bacteria: a surface level understanding

Surfaces pose a unique challenge in the on-going war against..

Thomas Wolter - Jun 27, 2022

EPO presses pause on proceedings that depend on the plausibility referral to the EBA

Despite not having any express legislative basis in the European..

Julie Carlisle - Jun 22, 2022

The surprising world of canine oncology

Dog cancer specialist Dr Clare Knottenbelt reveals the insights..

Joseph Newcombe - May 02, 2022

Joe Newcombe in PharmaTimes — green party

In his regular PharmaTimes feature, sustainability columnist Joe..

Thomas Wolter - Apr 27, 2022

Plausibility strikes again – BMS blockbuster apixaban patent found invalid by UK High Court

In a recent judgment the UK High Court of Justice revoked European..

Tanis Keirstead - Apr 14, 2022

Horizons in vaccine production

The scramble for a coronavirus vaccine over the last two years has..

Joseph Newcombe - Apr 01, 2022

Joe Newcombe in PharmaTimes — breath of fresh air

In his regular PharmaTimes feature, sustainability columnist Joe..

Jacqueline Murphy - Mar 23, 2022

Non-traditional pharmaceutical trade marks - new special report

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest special report..

Joseph Newcombe - Mar 01, 2022

Joe Newcombe in PharmaTimes — a force of nature

In his regular PharmaTimes feature, sustainability columnist Joe..

Joseph Newcombe - Nov 19, 2021

A cleaner, greener future for pharma

The pharma industry is centred on the mission of providing..

Camille Terfve - Nov 12, 2021

Digital therapeutics: the rise of digital health technologies during the Covid-19 pandemic

There is no denying that the Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped many..

Andrew Williams - Oct 05, 2021

Change and Opportunity: SPCs in the post-Brexit era

Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs) are incredibly important..

Sam Bailey - Sep 08, 2021

Could the pause in SPC-related referrals to the CJEU be permanent?

As part of our Thought Leaders series, Mewburn Ellis Partner Sam..

Andrew Pitts - Aug 10, 2021

A new referral to the EPO’s Enlarged Board of Appeal is plausible

Despite not having any express legislative basis in the European..

Daniel Yin - Jul 28, 2021

Senolytics are knock, knock, knocking on ageing’s door

In 1974, Bob Dylan asked that we stay forever young. Today, exciting..

Fay Allen - Jul 28, 2021

Is metformin the key to anti-aging?

By 2050, it is estimated that one quarter of the global population..

Niles Beadman - Jul 20, 2021

Printed pills: a new dimension for medicine

Three dimensional (3D) printing is the latest buzzword ricocheting..

Rebecca Anderson-Smith - Jul 06, 2021

Non-traditional pharma trade marks: position marks

In this final blog in our non-traditional pharma trade mark series,..

Jo Cripps - Jun 08, 2021

Need to Know: why your virome holds enormous value

Our bodies play host to a complex network of viruses, many of which..

Samuel Hart - Jun 03, 2021

Healthy eating means more than just a balanced diet: future foods and fighting the risk of infection

Human health is inextricably linked to food – not least because..

Genevieve Pugh - Jun 01, 2021

Delivering drugs with DNA

We explore the emerging field of DNA and RNA nanotechnology, its..

Rebecca Anderson-Smith - May 27, 2021

Non-traditional pharma trade marks: sound, motion and multimedia marks

Following on from our previous blog posts examining the role of shape..

Patent Settlement Agreements with a “Pay for Delay” element – restrictive ‘by object’?

Almost two decades ago the European Commission (EC) launched a..

Joseph Newcombe - Apr 26, 2021

COVID-19 win for AI pharma farmers

The vaccine roll-out is in action all over the world. Nevertheless,..

Adam Gregory - Apr 19, 2021

Jim Mellon: the reluctant gradualist taking on ageing

Forward editor Caitlin Mackesy Davies learns how we might all be able..

Sarah Harvey - Mar 23, 2021

EPO 2020 Patent Index - key trends

The European Patent Office (EPO) recently published its 2020 Patent..

Rebecca Anderson-Smith - Mar 22, 2021

Pharma brands: what's in a name?

Pinning down a new drug name that will both catch attention and clear..

Eleanor Maciver - Mar 12, 2021

Selection inventions before the EPO

Chemical inventions are subject to the same criteria as all..

Robert Watson - Feb 05, 2021

Out of Oz: the remarkable life and times of AMP945

Bringing a new cancer treatment to the public can be a complex..

Eliot Ward - Dec 21, 2020

Will the COVID-19 vaccines induce more robust immunity than infection with SARS-Cov-2 itself?

Respiratory viruses such as coronaviruses are notorious for evading..

Nick Sutcliffe - Nov 25, 2020

AstraZeneca/Oxford University vaccine shows efficacy against SARS-CoV-2

AstraZeneca/Oxford University have announced that their SARS-CoV-2..

Nick Sutcliffe - Nov 16, 2020

And then there were two – Moderna SARS-CoV-2 vaccine shows efficacy

Moderna have announced that their SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidate..

Joseph Newcombe - Oct 29, 2020

Personalising medicine based on gut reaction

No, we are not talking about jumping to conclusions, but the..

Rebecca Anderson-Smith - Oct 28, 2020

Naming pharmaceuticals: considerations for choosing, clearing and registering pharmaceutical brand names

There are many different types of names you might see associated with..

Melodie Richardson - Sep 04, 2020

Combatting COVID-19: does Vitamin D have a role to play?

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), better..

Jane Liu - Sep 02, 2020

The emergence of liquid biopsies as companion diagnostics

The development of liquid biopsies

The term liquid biopsy refers to..

Joseph Newcombe - Sep 02, 2020

Polymorphism: crystal clear or murky water

Movers and shapeshifters in the world of solid state chemistry


Eleanor Maciver - Aug 28, 2020

Antimicrobial resistance – a global response to a global threat

The discovery and development of antimicrobial agents and..

James Leach - Aug 10, 2020

Antimicrobial resistance: moving towards a targeted approach

Spectromics is working to put our existing arsenal of antibiotics to..

Julie Carlisle - Jul 05, 2020

Medicine's most wanted

Will the world's most dangerous microbes soon meet their match?..

Helen Bower - Jun 19, 2020

Financial Times: Europe's Leading Patent Law Firms 2020

We are delighted to once again be recognised in the Financial Times’..

Joseph Newcombe - Jun 12, 2020

Hot Chemistry – Shining a light on disease with radiopharmaceuticals

Back in 1979 The Buggles sang “video killed the radio star”. However,..

Julie Carlisle - Jun 01, 2020

Is faster drug development likely to become the “new normal?”

As part of our Thought Leaders series, Sarah Kostiuk-Smith explores..

Richard Clegg - May 14, 2020

Singapore's biotech breakthrough

From the far east to the east coast of America, the world is taking..

Rhiannon Wescott - May 01, 2020

Can a functionally defined patent claim ‘protect’ my medicinal product?

From a patent perspective this may seem like a strange question with..

Robert Andrews - Apr 30, 2020

BerGenBio’s bemcentinib selected for fast track as potential treatment for coronavirus (COVID-19)

In the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, bemcentinib produced..

Julie Carlisle - Apr 20, 2020

Has a cure for coronavirus (COVID-19) already been made?

Faced with the biggest global pandemic in most of our lifetimes, all..

Rebecca Anderson-Smith - Mar 19, 2020

Parallel imports of pharmaceuticals – A UK trade mark perspective

The UK parallel import licensing scheme lets a medicine authorised in..

Anna Mudge - Feb 21, 2020

2020 BioInfect Conference - tackling antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) poses a global threat. No new classes..

Thomas Driver - Feb 06, 2020

Genetic engineering and synthetic biology – making cannabis production greener

The therapeutic benefits of medicinal cannabis have been liberally..

Jane Liu - Jan 23, 2020

A promising target for new antibiotics

In previous blogs we have discussed the global threat of ..

Callum McGuinn - Nov 12, 2019

Using IP to secure opportunities in the budding medical cannabis sector

The opportunities for innovation in medical cannabis dovetails with..

Julie Carlisle - Sep 27, 2019

AMR - a global threat

A hot topic on everyone’s lips at the moment is Climate Change and..

Callum McGuinn - Sep 26, 2019

Budding opportunities for pharma

With shifting attitudes surrounding cannabis-based drugs, it is..

Joseph Newcombe - Sep 25, 2019

From data to drugs - a brief introduction to AI in drug discovery

The road to an approved drug is well known to be an arduous journey...

Callum McGuinn - Sep 17, 2019

Cannabis: on to greener pastures?

Callum McGuinn, explores the history of social attitudes towards..

Callum McGuinn - Jun 18, 2019

Medicinal cannabis: recent changes and future innovations

Government policy on the prescription of cannabis-derived medicines..

Julie Carlisle - Mar 28, 2019

Dosage regimen patents: bruised but not beaten

Ruling on the big pharma Actavis v ICOS case, the UK Supreme Court..

Sean Jauss - Jan 14, 2019

Eight key themes from the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

I’ve spent the last few days talking with biotech entrepreneurs, VC..

Richard Clegg - Dec 10, 2018

Clovis Oncology success in European Opposition Proceedings related to Rubraca®

Clovis Oncology has announced that the European Patent Office (EPO)..

Anna Mudge - Dec 02, 2018

The importance of Innovation Hubs in the UK's North West Region

Life science ‘start-ups’, ‘spin-outs’ and SMEs are some of the most..

Nick Sutcliffe - Nov 14, 2018

Supreme Court decision signals bad news for patent holders

The UK Supreme Court issued its decision today on the Warner Lambert..

Matthew Smith - Oct 29, 2018

Development in the war on superbugs

The spread of antibiotic-resistant infections is one of the most..

Ashley Cresswell - Aug 01, 2017

UK Supreme Court Establishes Doctrine of Equivalents in Actavis v Lilly

In many jurisdictions a product or process may be held to infringe..