The technologies helping shape the future of food

In this Forward: On Demand vlog, Fay Allen and Sarah Harvey discuss the technologies helping shape the future of food.

Touching on their recent blogs Outstanding in the field - Biotechnology and the search for improved crops and More like the real meal - alternative plant-based proteins, they explore:

  • The challenges the food industry faces (00:06)
  • How engineering improved crops might help — (01:00)
  • The role plant-based meat analogues (PBMAs) play — (03:00)
  • How PBMAs mimic meat — (04:10)
  • Why research is currently focussed on genetically engineering crops — (05:50)
  • How intellectual property (IP) is involved in all of this — (06:55)

Watch time: 8:00 minutes

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About the presenters

This vlog was co-presented by Sarah Harvey and Fay Allen.

Sarah is a trainee patent attorney working as part of our life sciences team. She has a degree in Biological Sciences from Oxford University. She completed her PhD at Warwick University in plant pathology looking at how pathogen effectors manipulate the plant immune response. Sarah then worked as a post-doc in the Centre for Novel Agricultural Products at York University on plant responses to biotic stress.