Our large team of patent attorneys means that we can offer individuals with genuine expertise across all classes of biologics, including polypeptides, monoclonal antibodies, nucleic acid therapeutics, vaccines, stem cells and cellular immunotherapy.

Mewburn Ellis has a long history of working with leaders in the field of monoclonal antibodies and continues to be a go-to IP firm in this space. We are proud to have worked with the 2018 Nobel Prize winner Professor Winter on patents for phage display for the directed evolution of antibodies. We have since developed and protected the patent portfolios for numerous blockbusters, including Herceptin®, Humira®, Avastin®, Rituxan®, Lucentis®, Xolair® and Perjeta®

We know how to support drug development from conception to marketing and have done so for numerous biologics, including Lyxumia® and Nutropin®. We also have expertise in obtaining broad IP protection for novel and emerging classes of drugs. For instance, we obtained the first class-level patent protection for aptamers and have since prosecuted over 150 patents related to aptamer technology. 

Cell therapy is highly active field at present and we are excited to be working at the forefront. We have considerable experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications relating to innovative cell therapy products, including their generation, expansion and medical use. We always bear in mind that new technologies may require fresh thinking and a new approach to patent protection. For example, in autologous cellular immunotherapy, the product is not an off-the-shelf drug but is based on isolation of the patient’s own cells. We understand the importance of considering the practicalities of the therapeutic process at the earliest possible stage and we work with our clients to develop global patent strategies which will fit the new therapeutic landscape.


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Pharma & Chemistry patents

The pharmaceutical specialists in our chemistry team have extensive expertise in the field of small molecule therapeutics, including drugs, modulators and antibody-drug conjugates. This complements the expertise within our life sciences team.

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Validation strategies for pharma

The decision on where to validate a pharmaceutical European patent is a big one. With costs often precluding an “everywhere” approach for small- to medium-sized companies, research institutions and universities, it is necessary to choose from the long list of available countries. The choice typically factors in costs, business interests, likely markets and market size, possible manufacturing and import locations and the regulatory framework in Europe.


SPC's and other Patent Term Extensions

We have unparalelled experience with SPC’s and other Patent Term Extensions. We handled the UK’s first SPC application for leuprorelin back in 1993 and we’ve been in the top three firms for SPC filings in recent years, supporting some of the biggest multinational pharma firms worldwide.

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We work at every stage of the IP lifecycle


Drafting, Filing & Prosecution
Portfolio Management
Searching & Watching
Renewals & EP Validations

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Pre-action Advice
Oppositions & Appeals
Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Strategic Advice
Commercial Issues
Corporate Support

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