Bioinformatics and Digital Health encompass many different fields of application. Continued advancements in bioinformatics are driving forward key developments in precision medicine, placing the patient at the heart of decisions.

We work with innovators in sequencing, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and cell biology, as well as biosensors and artificial intelligence. We understand the challenges in this area, and can advise you on how to adapt your IP strategy to deal with these.

Our core bioinformatics team includes attorneys whose practice has a strong focus in this field, with backgrounds in bioinformatics/computational biology, biochemistry, electronics, physics and engineering. They form part of a wider multi-disciplinary team that is over 20-strong and made up of scientists and engineers who have deep knowledge and understanding of the variety of technologies and fields that bioinformatics touches.

We have our finger on the pulse of developments in EPO practice in relation to bioinformatics inventions. We have an impressive record of getting seemingly difficult cases through to grant. 

Digital Health innovations can give rise to a number of valuable assets from data to code, designs of user interfaces, new methods and know-how, each of which can be associated with multiple individual IP rights, both registered and unregistered. Our highly skilled legal team works seamlessly alongside our patent experts to help our clients build a strong bundle of IP rights, including copyrights, trade secrets, database rights, designs and patents. Our integrated team approach means that we can be with you all the way and across the whole spectrum of your IP needs, ensuring efficient, joined-up and commercially relevant advice.

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Callum Anderson v1

Associate, Patent Attorney

Alex Burns Feb-21

Senior Associate, Patent Attorney

Chris Casley Feb-21

Partner, Patent Attorney

Lucy Coe Feb-21

Associate, Patent Attorney

Tom Furnival Feb-21

Partner, Patent Attorney

Emma Graham Feb-21

Partner, Patent Attorney

James Leach Feb-21

Partner, Patent Attorney

Camille Terfve Feb-21 author

Partner, Patent Attorney

Andrew Tindall Feb-21

Associate, Patent Attorney

Patent Landscape in Bioinformatics and Digital Health Special Report 2021

Special Report

Patent Landscape in Bioinformatics and Digital Health: a data-driven analysis

The words "digital health", "data driven" and "AI" have been on everyone's lips and in many headlines in the healthcare and life sciences sectors over the last couple of years. However, navigating this rapidly changing landscape can be challenging for those in charge of managing the IP associated with the innovations underpinning these changes.  

In this Special Report, we set out to collect data on the patent landscape in the fields of bioinformatics and digital health, to see whether the growth we and our clients see in the field is reflected in the data and whether insights can be gained from the data that will assist in designing better, more informed IP strategies.


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