In the 15 years since Professors Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov isolated and discovered graphene at the University of Manchester, the material has been heralded as a game-changer in the research and development of new materials.

The researchers, who peeled off layers of graphite with Scotch Tape to extract the single-atom thick lattice of carbon atoms, have been knighted and received Nobel Prizes as a result of this groundbreaking research. The remarkable properties of graphene are now well-known and much discussed. 

  • It is one million times thinner than paper
  • It is the ‘strongest material known to man’
  • It is exceptionally thermally and electrically conductive and tuneable
  • It is flexible (it can extend to 20% of its original length if stretched)
  • It is impermeable to certain molecules
  • It is transparent
Small wonder then that over the past decade, its potential has been the subject of a spiralling number of academic papers - and a fair amount of media hype.

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We are proud and excited to be starting our second year as an affiliate partner of the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre, working together to nurture the ecosystem needed to promote and protect this ‘miracle material’.

Our partnership with the GEIC presents an unrivalled opportunity for us to play a key role in the thick of cutting edge development; the type of environment in which we thrive. It's a real chance for us to contribute to the exciting worldwide graphene revolution.


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