Calum Graham - Dec 14, 2023

National Vision for Engineering Biology

On Tuesday 5 December 2023, the Minister for Science, Research and..

Amelia Jones - Dec 04, 2023

Enzyme-based carbon capture: as easy as breathing

Over the past few years, the impact of the climate crisis has never..

Isobel Fisher - Nov 17, 2023

Biosensor bacteria for tumor detection

Genetically engineered biosensor bacteria could allow us to detect..

Nick Sutcliffe - Jul 26, 2023

IP priorities for forward-looking cell and gene therapy businesses

IP priorities are especially important to businesses developing..

Thomas Driver - Jul 13, 2023

Evolution of engineered minimal cells - high mutation rates and regained fitness

Engineered bacterial cells with minimal genomes were developed in 2016

Isobel Fisher - Jun 22, 2023

One giant leap for plant-kind: engineering plants for Mars

If humans are going to live on Mars one day, we need to work out how..

Amelia Jones - Jan 20, 2023

Synthetic Biology - creating innovative solutions to tackle climate change

Over the past few decades, awareness of the impact that humans are..

Thomas Driver - Dec 01, 2022

What is Synthetic Biology and why should you care?

The term Synthetic Biology, or SynBio, has been used for a while; the..

Anna Mudge - May 24, 2022

Recipe for success - intellectual property opportunities in future food

The future of food is big business and it’s only going to get bigger..

Thomas Driver - Feb 06, 2020

Genetic engineering and synthetic biology – making cannabis production greener

The therapeutic benefits of medicinal cannabis have been liberally..

Thomas Driver - Oct 23, 2019

Renewable energy – huge potential for biofuel innovation

It has been widely reported in the media recently that we need to do..