Eliot Ward - Oct 04, 2023

UPC at four months old - a review

The UPC is now four months old and the Court of First Instance is..

Sean Jauss - Sep 29, 2023

Beware the front-loaded procedure!

The Unified Patent Court (‘UPC’) opened its doors on 1 June 2023. It..

Sean Jauss - Sep 13, 2023

Meet The Team: Sean Jauss, Partner, Solicitor, Litigator, Head of Legal Services

As part of our 'meet the team' series, we talk to head of legal and..

Tom Furnival - Aug 10, 2023

UPC as a forum for SEP disputes – Panasonic kick off proceedings

With the UPC opening its doors just over two months’ ago, the IP..

Edward Couchman - Aug 01, 2023

US Supreme Court Upholds Tightening of Patent Enablement Standard

In an eagerly awaited judgement, the US Supreme Court has affirmed..

Thomas Wolter - Jul 06, 2023

Beating the Punch: UPC Protective Letters

The Unified Patent Court (UPC) is now operational. As of June 1,..

Sean Jauss - Jul 05, 2023

Litigation in the Unified Patent Court (UPC)

The UPC is a new European patent litigation court. It will provide a..

Sean Jauss - Jun 27, 2023

UPC Administrative Committee approves Milan as host of the third Central Division court

The UPC Administrative Committee has announced that Milan will host..

Urs Ferber - Mar 01, 2023

Unified Patent Court (UPC) FAQS – how do we make sure an opt-out request is valid?

The delay of the opening of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) gives us..

Eliot Ward - Feb 17, 2023

Germany completes ratification of UPC agreement, confirming the 1 June 2023 launch date

Months of delay and uncertainty are finally behind us. Germany..

Urs Ferber - Feb 13, 2023

Unified Patent Court (UPC) FAQS – who is entitled to file an opt-out request?

The delay of the opening of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) gives us..

Richard Clegg - Jan 18, 2023

Opting out from the UPC – when to opt-out a pending European patent application

From 1 March 2023, when the Unified Patent Court (UPC) sunrise period..

Darena Slavova - Nov 01, 2022

EPO introduces top-up searches for earlier national rights

On 1 September 2022, the EPO introduced an extra “quality check”..

Matthew Naylor - Sep 23, 2022

UPC: Rules of Procedure finalised and in force

The Unitary Patent Court now has a revised set of Rules of Procedure...

Eliot Ward - Sep 22, 2022

Mewburn Ellis launch Validation Costs Estimator Tool

We are pleased to launch our new Validation Costs Estimator Tool.


Eliot Ward - Jul 19, 2022

Unitary Patent Package - an overview

In this Forward: On Demand vlog, Eliot Ward gives us an overview of..

Eliot Ward - Dec 03, 2021

Austrian parliament unanimously passes legislation to allow the practical preparations for the UPC to begin

On 2 December 2021, Austria became the thirteenth EU country to pass..

Victoria Coleman - Jul 21, 2020

UK formally withdraws from the UPC

In a statement to Parliament on 20 July 2020, the government formally..

Tanis Keirstead - Mar 26, 2020

German Constitutional Court Verdict: Stumbling Block or Death Knell for the UPC?

On 20 March 2020, three years after the challenge was originally..