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Quantum sensors in space: measuring a warming world with cold atoms

Space-borne sensors serve a variety of purposes that are all but..

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The state of quantum

Quantum chips are sparking into life. But what is this hardware going..

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Quantum and the law

Mewburn Ellis speaks to Kaniah Konkoly-Thege, Chief Legal Officer and..

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David Deutsch – making more sense than common sense

“Our best theories are not only truer than common sense, they make..

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Post quantum cryptography – The Final Frontier

We have previously reported on the ongoing search by the National..

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UK Government expands R&D Tax Relief to cover Quantum, AI and Robotics research

The recently published 2022 Spring Statement1 indicates support for a..

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A trillion times more powerful: the race to produce the world's first quantum computer chip

Meet the British startup on the brink of winning the race to produce..

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Venturing ahead: helping Munich make its name in quantum tech

Christopher Trummer, managing director of the TUM Venture Lab..

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Quantum System One: is Europe ready?

With quantum start-ups now appearing across the globe and tech giants..

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Creating qubits: Making progress with photonics

Forward spoke with Jelmer Renema of Dutch firm QuiX about why..

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Creating qubits: a hot lead at ColdQuanta

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Shock treatment: what’s behind the race to crack quantum?

As the UK begins work towards realising world-beating ambitions,..

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PsiQuantum expect commercial quantum computer by 2025

By 2025, the team from secretive quantum computing firm PsiQuantum..

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Britain launches largest industry-led project to commercialise the use of quantum computing

On 6 November 2020, Britain launched its largest industry-led quantum..

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Post-quantum cryptography – a new hope

The race to build a large-scale quantum computer is one of the most..

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Noisy quantum computing: overcoming quantum decoherence

Anticipated as the next great leap in human technology, quantum..

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Quantum computing: Why qubits have consequences for IP

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