Katherine Green - Jul 28, 2022

Most opposed patents of 2021

When we reviewed our list of the most opposed European patents of..

Adam Gregory - Jul 22, 2022

Mewburn Ellis is proud to work on 19 of the 50 top-selling pharmaceuticals of 2021

2021 was a year of unprecedented success for the biotech and..

Simon Parry - May 25, 2022

Meet the team: Simon Parry, Partner, Patent Attorney, Engineering, Manchester

For someone who spent his childhood holidays by the sea in North..

Emma Graham - May 18, 2022

Meet the team: Emma Graham, Partner, Patent Attorney, Engineering, London

“I've got brothers, so I'm used to interacting with men,” says Emma..

Stephen Gill - May 11, 2022

Meet the Team: Stephen Gill, Partner, Patent Attorney, Engineering, Cambridge

There’s nothing like a looming deadline to relocate a young family to..

Emily Hayes - Apr 07, 2022

EPO extends pilot for oral proceedings in opposition by videoconference to 31 December 2022

On 6 April 2022, the EPO issued a notice extending its pilot project..

Florian Zobel - Mar 30, 2022

2022 changes to EPO Guidelines: highlights

With the 2021 changes to the examination guidelines, the EPO changed..

Katherine Green - Jan 26, 2022

A guide to EPO opposition proceedings by videoconference

EPO oppositions by videoconference only became possible relatively..

Emily Hayes - Nov 24, 2021

EPO extends pilot for oral proceedings in opposition by videoconference to 31 May 2022

On 23 November 2021, the EPO issued a notice extending its pilot..

Katherine Green - Sep 06, 2021

Most opposed patents of 2020

Every year at the EPO about 3000-4000 patents are opposed. This..

Emily Hayes - Jul 21, 2021

Board of Appeal oral proceedings may be held by videoconference (ViCo) in an emergency

On 16 July 2021, the Enlarged Board of Appeal confirmed that Board of..

Helen Bower - May 10, 2021

EPO Opposition Trends in Engineering, Electronics and Software Special Report

In autumn 2020, we analysed more than 8000 opposition cases filed at..

Stephen Gill - May 06, 2021

We helped determine the meaning of “technical feature”

Case - T 0258/03

Our extensive arguments in relation to whether a..

Matthew Naylor - May 05, 2021

Case review: what can be considered as prior art when assessing inventive step?

Case - T 0211/06

In the decision T 0211/06 from the EPO Board of..

Stephen Gill - May 03, 2021

Engineering oppositions: what is considered to be an implicit disclosure in a patent application?

Case - T2541/11

This decision provides guidance and clarification in..

Sofia Arenal - Feb 03, 2021

Practical considerations for evidence at the UKIPO

Since it is no longer possible to cover the UK by filing a trade mark..

Kate O'Rourke - Dec 16, 2020

Brexit has happened - what you need to know about the impact on trade marks

Kate O’Rourke sets out the principles for UK and EU trade mark..

Kate O'Rourke - Nov 20, 2020

UKIPO confirms new ‘Address for Service’ rules

CITMA is celebrating a major victory on Brexit in the wake of the..

Christopher Casley - Nov 13, 2020

Videoconference Oral Proceedings for EPO Oppositions – an Update

The EPO has announced changes to the Pilot Project for Video..

Christopher Casley - Nov 13, 2020

EPO Zooming to catch-up

UPDATE 6 APRIL 2022: On 6 April 2022, the EPO issued a notice..

Katherine Green - Aug 21, 2020

Most Opposed Patents of 2019

The four thousand or so European patents that are opposed every year..

Simon Kiddle - Aug 20, 2020

Oppositions & Appeals: we helped clear a new path to patenting dosage regimes

Case 10 – T 1020/03 (EPO Board of Appeal, 29 October 2004)          

Seán Walton - Jul 24, 2020

Oppositions & Appeals: novelty of a patient sub-population

Case 9 – T 734/12 (EPO Board of Appeal, 17 May 2013)                 ..

Simon Kiddle - Jun 29, 2020

Oppositions & Appeals: we helped determine the meaning of “surgery”

Case 8 – T 1695/07 (EPO Board of Appeal, 28 September 2011)         ..

Simon Kiddle - May 18, 2020

Oppositions & Appeals: We helped shape the debate on medical use claim patentability

Case 7 – T 879/12 (EPO Board of Appeal, 27 August 2014)            


Simon Kiddle - Apr 27, 2020

Oppositions & Appeals: We moved the conversation on animal involvement

Case 6 – T 1262/04 (EPO Board of Appeal, 13 July 2012)      



Seán Walton - Mar 12, 2020

Oppositions & Appeals: We set the standard for the strawman

Case 5 - T 649/92 (EPO Enlarged Board of Appeal, 2 July 1996)     


Katherine Green - Feb 24, 2020

EPO streamlining: the opposition timeline tightens

Our analysis of patent oppositions has revealed that early action has..

Richard Clegg - Feb 12, 2020

Oppositions & Appeals: we opened the door for different types of data to support a medical use 

Case 4 - T 801/06 (EPO Board of Appeal, 4 March 2009)

Now cited in..

Simon Kiddle - Jan 29, 2020

Oppositions & Appeals: We made the case for a new technical effect

Case 3 - T 1642/06 (EPO Board of Appeal, 23 August 2007)     


Maria Hall - Nov 14, 2019

New report launched: EPO Opposition Trends in the Life Sciences Sector

Our new research has revealed several recent patterns regarding the..

Katherine Green - Nov 14, 2019

EPO oppositions: Nine key questions answered

Mewburn Ellis has dug deep into a decade of EPO life sciences'..

Chris Denison - Nov 12, 2019

Meet the team: Chris Denison, Partner, European Patent Attorney

It doesn’t come terribly naturally, admits Chris Denison, to talk..

Seán Walton - Nov 11, 2019

Oppositions a case to remember: we forced a fuller view of technical features

Case 1 – T 1859/08 ( EPO Board of Appeal, 5 June 2016)            


Simon Kiddle - Nov 08, 2019

Meet The Team: Simon Kiddle, Partner, European Patent Attorney

“As a child I was always interested in the way things work – mucking..

Katherine Green - Nov 05, 2019

Meet The Team: Katherine Green, Partner, European Patent Attorney

“Arguing with people about molecules is my dream job,” says Katherine..

Seán Walton - Nov 01, 2019

Meet The Team: Seán Walton, Partner, European Patent Attorney

“Today is the 29th anniversary of my joining Mewburn Ellis,” remarks ..

Katherine Green - Oct 30, 2019

Oppositions - a case to remember. Flexibility around added matter

Case 2 – T 0099/13 (EPO Board of Appeal, 14 January 2016)         


Emily Hayes - Oct 28, 2019

Meet The Team: Emily Hayes, Partner, European Patent Attorney

“I remember being really young, maybe six or seven, and wanting to be..